Rain Sound Columns

Rain Sound Columns or rain sticks are ones of few therapeutic instruments with so wide and gentle impingement to all spheres of human health. Lets go together look why they are so interesting and what they are about.

This simple instrument imitate sound of rain or flowing water and it is probably one of the best healing instrument of today, because its magical whisper can securely turn off all intellectual schemes of our brains focussed on effort and career. That Rain Column is fulfilled dream of lots of therapists. It is source of natural harmonising frequencies which we are not able to hear them consciously.

It is made manually with using natural materials. Its body is made from resonance wood like pine, maple, white ash, walnut or bamboo with specific resonance characteristic. Rain Column has six sided body, fulled with bamboo pins inside, what they are placed in special system with quantity up to 2000 pieces.

It starts sounding by turning round similar like sandglass and its size and amount of seeds "rain down" from few minutes up to 1 hour. Inside it has even few kilos seeds of coriander, millet and precisely tuned crystal beads. Final long resonate sound full of aliqoutes is perfect for ideal duration of harmonizing body and mind. It is scientifically provable to obtain positive harmonisation, sound has to ring at least 8 - 10 minutes and more. Not only this time need it requires but also its quality of sound and design claims that.

We offer Rain Sound Columns with variety of size from 50 to 180 cm and its time of sound from 4 up to 90 minutes depending of their sizes and volumes.

Multi purpose instrument for very deep relaxation, which harmonize body, mind and spirit thanks to its resonate sound. You can comfortable sit or lie, turn round Rain Column and plunge deeply in crystal clear and natural tones.

Rain Column is naturally tuned to frequences from 1 Hz to 22000 Hz. Rainy chimed soundy noise or sound of rain drops brings us to Alpha, Delta and Theta waves. These levels of vibrations are highly relaxing. This moment when flow of thoughts is stopped makes us really calm. Number of minutes persisting noise calm our mind so much that in inner ear begins proceses of transformation sound waves into electric energy which charged up brain. It comes complete habit. In human organism it activates beneficial proceses, which enhance brain and whole body. By relaxing inner stress it begins regeneration of all our structures. Brain is scheduled to "level alfa" and we can start feeling felicitous flow of energy.

Thanks to its uniqueness it is brilliant instrument for schools, kindergartens, joga studios,.. and also for those who want to indulge power its healing potential at home for example before sleep.

We are using Rain Columns within our therapies as single instruments for meditations or combined with others.


  • invigorate imunity system, refresh from stress and tension
  • turn off mind and tranquilize emotions, deepen sleep
  • reduce fear brings rest and harmony
  • evolve perception and self conscious
  • supply vitality, energy and life stamina
  • nourish mind and body
  • and more..

Concerned persons of buying this unique instrument we will be happy to share our experiences and inform them well. To select Your own Rain Column continue to E-shop.

Do You know ???

Depends on size of instrument, 50, 60, 70, 88, 110, 150 ou 180 cm, phenomene sonore could be produced from 4 minutes untill 90 minutes in the link !

La colonne de pluie résonne quand on la retourne comme on retourne un sablier

Après quelques minutes d'écoute les ondes sonores sont converties dans l'oreille interne en énergie électrique qui revitalise les cellules du cerveau.

L'état de lâcher prise arrive !

- Elles renforcent le système imunitaire, réduissent les tensions et le stress.

- Elles arrêtent les pensées, calment les émotions indésirables.

- Elles approfondissent le sommeil.

- Elles ouvrent le chakra du coeur.

- Elle apportent de la vitalité, de l'énérgie et de la force.

- Elles diminuent la peur et induissent un état de paix et d'harmonie.

- Elles développent la perception et la conscience de soi

- Elles purifient des énérgies dans la pièce

Etes-vous intéressé/e par cet instrument magique?

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