S o u n d b a t h s

We would like to offer You "Soundbath" in which we work with a big scale of therapeutic musical instruments such as  Sound bed, Sound chair, Singing Bowls, Gongs, Didgeridoo, Rain Columns, Shamanic drums, Flutes, Metalophones, Guitare and other healing ethnic instruments. 

Within "Soundbath" there is no physical contact between therapist and client, it is very gently massage and it is great for all kind of clients.

For this therapy we can use single instrument or we can combine more instruments together. 

Advantage of using more instruments is wider effectiveness of frequences and vibrations to whole body, mind and spirit, where more instruments create bigger chromatic and colourful experience. 

Single instrument can bring You deep harmonising, healing and therapeutic effects. It is more intensive and relaxing. 

For deeper a stronger experience we recomend to choose longer therapy (60-80 min). 

For introducing with "Soundbath" is ideal shorter seances with single instruments (Sound bed, Sound chair, Singing bowls,..)

Instrumentation of "living music" on organism at receptive (passive) Musicotherapy in transcendent and sense perception springs it to complex harmonisation and relaxation. It is such a sound massage and this process impacts naturally to alpha, delta and theta waves.

Within "Soundbath" client is usually lies or sits to help him to relax. It is opportune to be eaten well, expect nothing and take in situation when if i do something new, it brings anything new or changes me. In case when i´m doing the same things i can´t expect something changes. It is aslo recomended after therapy to let You absorb or incept its influence.  

Prices - Soundbaths

Soundbath "Basic" 

30-35 min                                               

35,- Eur

1 personne

Ideal choice for discovery magic of healing sounds or as taste of it

Massage in lying position or sitting

Suitable for single instruments

Sound bed, Sound chair, Singing bowls, Rain pylones 

Soundbath "Standard" 

50-55 min                                  

55,- Eur

1 - 2 personnes

Ideal for couples

50 min is enough for deep relaxation and harmonisation and it gives enough space for using bigger spectrum of healing tones and vibrations

Massage in lying position

Good for multiple instrumentation 

Soundbath "4 éléments" 

80-85 min                                   

89,- Eur

1 - 2 personnes

The best choice of our services

For very deep harmonisation, meditation and relaxation

The sound journey 

Using lot of instruments to embrace 4 elements  

Massage "Exclusiv" 

45 min                                                   

145,- Eur

With 2 therapeuts

1  personne

Combination of "Sounbath" and "Classical Masagge"

Princip of Man and Woman together with sounds, vibrations, resonances and physical relaxing massage

Very strong seance where 45 min is obviously enough to feel her efects 

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