We offer you a "Sound bath" during which you literally bathe in Healing Tones. We work with various music therapy instruments such as Sound bed, Sound therapy chair, Tibetan singing bowls, Gong, Didgeridoo, Rain sound pillars, Shamanic drums, Flutes, Spherical whistles, Carillons, Guitar and other ethnic or folk healing instruments.

Within "Soundbath" there is no physical contact between therapist and client, it is very gently massage and it is great for all kind of clients. 

It is possible to use individual instruments separately or to combine several instruments into one complete sound block during sessions. 

The advantage of using more tools is a wider frequency and vibration effect on the whole body, where more tools act on more levels and thus create a more colourful and varied experience.

During a séance with individual instruments, you can dive deeper into a given sound (with the corresponding frequencies and vibrations). The experience into your interior is deeper and more intense. 

We recommend a longer therapy (60 to 80min) for a deeper and stronger experience using multiple tools.

 A shorter session of one to two instruments (Sound bed, Sound therapy chair, Rain sound trees, Tibetan bowls or Gong) are sufficient to get acquainted with the sound bath. 

Sound bath is very gentle and is suitable for everyone, but may affect everyone differently.

The effect of "live music" on the body during receptive (passive) music therapy in the areas of sensory and suprasensory perception leads to a state of holistic harmonization or total relaxation. It is actually such a sound massage of the body and its complex action naturally leads to levels of alpha, delta and theta.

During the Sound Bath, you usually lie or sit and simply let yourself relax. You remain dressed, and the therapist does not touch you. It is advisable to reasonably eat food in advance. Do not expect anything, just accept the moment while the therapist does something, something new will come or some new change will occur. After all, if I keep doing the same things, I can't expect a pleasant change. It is also appropriate to let the experience in you "resonate" or "feel" its effects after therapy.

"The Hear leads us to our Spirit, The Eye leads us to Ego."   

 Ancient Alchymistes