Rain sound trees (Rain columns) are one of the few therapeutic tools with such a wide and gentle effect on all areas of human body, so let's take a look at what they really are and what they offer us.

This simple tool mimics the sound of rain or a flowing stream and is probably one of the best therapeutic tools today. Its magical murmur can reliably shut down all the rational programs of our brains, often focused on performance and speed. Such a rain column is a dream come true for many therapists. It is a source of natural harmonization frequencies that we can seldom hear consciously.

Rain sound trees are made by hand using natural materials. The bodies of rain sound trees are basically made of natural materials. A special spruce with excellent resonant properties is selected for the production. Rain sound trees are made of ashwood, maple, elm, walnut or bamboo and every type of wood is also characterized by specific resonant properties. 

How to easily activate the sound of a rain sound tree? With a simple turn, similar to an hourglass, which captures its simplicity and practicality.  Therefore, it is also ideal for kindergartens during the afternoon siesta. Kids literally love to fall asleep to the sound of rustling rain. Also within Yoga seance every morning we can use for example 20 minutes Rain sound tree as a perfect entourage to our sessions.  The resulting long-sounding sound full of aliquots creates the conditions for an ideally long harmonization of the body and the mind.

It is scientifically proven that in order for positive harmonization to occur, the music must sound for an average of at least 8-10 minutes. Not only this time requirement, but especially the sound as well as design qualities are met by rain poles, which we offer in various sizes ranging from 50 to 180 cm. 

Their pouring and sounding time is from 4 to 90 minutes depending on the size.

The rain soun tree is a universal tool for deep relaxation, which allows you to harmonize the body and the mind with the help of the sound of rain. Turn the rain sound tree, sit or lie down comfortably and listen to the crystal clear and natural sounds of the instrument, offering exceptional and total harmonization 

Rain sound trees are tuned to frequencies ranging from 1 Hz to 22,000 Hz. Rain harmonizing sound noise, or the sound of raindrops, has the ability to bring the body into deep relaxation in alpha, theta and delta levels (these are higher states of consciousness). These levels are highly relaxing for the brain. It is a state in which the flow of thoughts ceases and a deep state of inner peace is induced. The murmur of rain sound trees lasting a few minutes relaxes the mind so much that sound waves are transformed in the inner ear into electrical energy, which literally recharges the brain cells. This leads to a state of full release.

Thanks to its uniqueness it is an excellent tool for schools and kindergartens, massage salons, yoga studios, but also for individuals who want to indulge in the power of its healing potential at home, for example before going to bed.

We also use rain sound trees for our individual therapies, either alone or in combination with other instruments.

Sizes and types of wood : 

  • 50 cm / 4 minutes / cca 1,5 kg
  • 60 cm / 6 minutes / cca 2,5 kg
  • 70 cm / 9 minutes / cca 3,5 kg
  • 70 cm / 12 minutes / cca 4,5 kg
  • 88 cm / 20 minutes / cca 8,0 kg
  • 120 cm / 40 minutes / cca 12,0 kg
  • 150 cm / 60 minutes / cca 19,0 kg
  • 180 cm / 90 minutes / cca 25,0 kg

Types of wood :

  • Elmwood
  • Walnutwood
  • Ashwood
  • Bamboo
  • Mahogany
  • Zebrano

depends on current offer!


  • Strengthens the immune system, relieves tension and stress
  • Turns off chattering and soothes turbulent emotions, deepens sleep
  • Relieves fear and induces a state of calm and harmony

  • Develops self-perception and awareness
  • Adds vitality and energy
  • and many more..

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