A Sound Bed and Sound Chair is an ideal tool to experience deep relaxation and harmonization of body-spirit. Both are suitable for sound therapies, not only for individual sessions, but also for couples, for example.

Sound Bed is very special instrument that can transfer a broad spectrum of sounds and vibrations. It brings very deep harmonising, healing and therapeutic effects.

Resonation therapy can open new options and You will be deeply enjoiyng it and returning to it again and again. Based on our long term experience, we will be happy to advise You the best choice of these special instruments.

We present its beneficial effects and offer you a new experience of sound massage. 

What is the advantage of a Sound Bed ? 

  • Sound Bed reduces tension, nervousness and induces mental well-being. 
  • Brings quick relief from stress, relaxes and harmonizes the mind and the body.
  • Sound Bed creates vibrations acting on the person and tunes him perfectly.  
  • It literally harmonizes the human body and transforms it into one harmonious whole.

  • The experience of this "sound bath" is unexpectedly profound and uplifting.

Effects of the Sound Bed: 

  • Induces a state of deep relaxation
  • Dissolves stressful thoughts and blocked emotions
  • Relieves muscle tension and muscle trigger blocks
  • Harmonizes breathing, heartbeat, blood circulation and lymph
  • Deepens meditation experience
  • Allows you to tune the body and make it ready for further activities
  • Improves memory, concentration and learning ability
  • It is like honey, the best for the body and the soul

How Sound Bath looks like ?

All you have to do is lie down comfortably and let your body sway with healing vibrations and the sound of playing strings. The sound of the strings gradually tunes the person into higher and gentler vibrations, gently releasing all the blocks and bringing relief on a physical and mental level without the client having to confide in a healer if he does not want to. The effect comes surprisingly fast.

The sound bath is suitable for people of all ages. It is very gentle even for those who can't stand any manual massage. The client stays dressed and the sound massage is non-contact. If necessary, we can of course support your knees, head or cover your body with a light blanket.

Description of a Sound Bed?

It is a string harmonization instrument made by us. The production of the harmonization bed was preceded by a long development and testing. The board of the lounger is made of a spruce variety with excellent resonant properties. The frame with strings is made of wood (maple). Its predecessor is Pythagoras' monochord, thanks to which Pythagoras studied the laws of the universe and their connection with music and mathematics, so it is a kind of an ancient "flying carpet". 

Come and try this unique harmonization tool for yourself.

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