Sound Bed

Resonation therapeutic sound beds are very special instruments that can transfer a broad spectrum of sounds and vibrations. They bring very deep harmonising, healing and therapeutic effects

Sound bed and Sound chair can positively influence the whole body, physiology and mind of every person. The resonation therapy has many possibilities and can be used for regeneration, relaxation, healing and basal stimulation.

Resonation therapy can open new options and You will be deeply enjoiyng it and returning to it again and again. Based on our long term experience, we will be happy to advise You the best choice of these special instruments.

For what is Sound bed apply to?

  • decrease tension, friction and evoke tranquility
  • bring fast respite of stress, relaxing and harmonising mind and body
  • resounding Sound Bed rising vibrations to person as tuning tool
  • turning human body to harmonic entirety
  • experience with "Soundbath" is unexpectly deep and enhancing


  • evoke deep relaxation
  • dissolve stress thoughts and blocked emotions
  • set free muscle tension and triggers
  • harmonize breathing, heartbeat, blood circulation and lymphatic system
  • deepen meditation experiences
  • allow to chime organism for other activities
  • improve learning, concentration and memory
  • work as bath to body, mind and spirit

How Sound Bath looks like?

Just to lie or sit and let You body and mind penetrate with healing vibrations and sound of chimed chords.

Sound Bath is surprisingly effective and fast. It is suitable for anybody of any age and very gently even for persones who are not able to take physical massage.

Within seance You stay clothed and covered with light wrap, depends on Your needs we can adjust Your knees and head.

Sound of chimed chords can You slowly tune to higher spheres and mellow vibrations, gently enhance all blocks, without saying a word or confide to therapist.

What is Sound Bed?

Sound Bed is a chord instrument and sound resonating bed made for sound therapy. It took lot of times to test, evolve and manufacturate it. Body is made from resonating pine and frame with chordes from maple. Its ancestor is Pythagoras Monochord.

 We can easy say it is a "magic carpet".

We would like to invite You to experience this unique instrument.

It's an ancien magic carpet.

Are You Professionel or Musicotherapeut and looking for Sound Bed ??? HERE You can contact us.

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