The personal story of the rain tree


I've always felt that making rain trees was in some way my life's mission. I learned everything from Martin and when he left this world, I had no doubt that I should continue to perpetuate his work.

It's a magnificent piece of work and I'm very grateful to be able to spread his healing intention. I thank not only Martin for his work, but also all those who treat him with respect and love...

The personal story of Martin Klima and his rain tree

The Rain Tree carries with it the personal story of its inventor Martin Pečenka Klíma. If you want to understand what makes this music therapy tool exceptional and why it works, you need to understand what went into its creation...

Martin's life was a great paradox; his personal vision of a life in harmony and love was undermined from childhood by very traumatic events. Whether it was the disharmony in his family, the death of a loved one at a young age, or a daily inner struggle due to his addiction to alcohol, depression and anxiety. The admirable thing about Martin is that, despite all this, he never gave up on Life until his last breath...

He tried to improve his own life while never forgetting the lives of others! He set out in search of inner peace, which helped him to invent a tool as powerful as the rain tree. For him, working on this invention was not just a challenge, but above all a journey of self-healing. Absolute stillness and being here and now, as well as finding a way to refine the sound, increase the sifting time, lighten the rotation, shrink the body or embellish the surface have been his motivations for over ten years!

Many grains of sand passed before this original creation saw the light of day in its present perfect form. During this time of invention, innovation and realisation of the ideal instrument, Martin was happy and a healing process accompanied him throughout his quest!

The intention of this work is therefore very clear: it is a healing intention.

That's why these rain trees work so well and are popular in over thirty countries around the world, and why they have had such an incredible impact on people's lives. Although there are people who want to copy this authentic work for their own profit, the profit motive behind these copies can never match Martin's original intention. Not to mention that his love of detail and hand-crafted precision in developing the manufacturing process can never be stolen from him.

Martin Pecenka Klima was a man with a big heart who has left a beautiful gift to those who seek harmony. Thank you to those of you who have enjoyed Martin's work, whether in personal meditation or music therapy, and to those of you who receive this message with love and respect.

Martin's instructions and recommendations for the meditations were as simple as life itself:

"Sit in silence ... Breathe deeply ... and listen ... that's all you have to do".

It is in inner silence that the greatest creative force is hidden and miracles happen. The Rain Tree is the result of Martin's immersion in inner peace. Although he has not found lasting peace in this world, I believe that, where he is, he is enjoying it to the full.

"Let us bless his soul for eternity."

written by his wife Eva Klímová

(translated by Mr.Teshome and Ms.Paprsek)